"Good design is a process of give and take. In my experience, the best work is the result of strong collaboration and communication between designers, collaborators, and clients. Part of my expertise is making this process work."



Nicole Rassmuson

Founding partner, Branding & Design Consultant

Nicole is an internationally known designer and art director who has worked in London, New York, Hong Kong, Stockholm, and Santa Fe. Her love for design stems from her multilingual background, which eventually led her to spend many years observing and learning the language of symbols and graphics. Alongside her primary discipline in visual communications, Nicole is a strategic thinker specialized in branding that combines design creativity with best entrepreneurial practice. In the past 25 years, she has created groundbreaking work for national and international clients including: the Victoria and Albert Museum, Stockholm University, Henry and Camille Dreyfus Foundation, the Rockwell Group , The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission, New Mexico Tourism to institutions like Santa Fe Site Santa Fe, Performance Santa Fe, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and IAIA. She has created corporate identities, marketing and sales materials, and advertising programs for a range of commercial and non-profit organizations and manages multi-disciplinary marketing teams. She has been designing in Santa Fe for the past 11 years with brands such as Mix Santa Fe, The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission, Current Media Festival and New Mexico Tourism to institutions like Santa Fe Site Santa Fe, Performance Santa Fe, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and IAIA.



Scott Blue


Built on more than 25 years of experience at the intersection of brand marketing and advertising, Scott’s career has been spent with three ad and marketing agencies across five cities – Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and, now, Santa Fe.
His literary and storytelling expertise has catapulted game-changing organizations such as American Express, Deloitte., Nordstrom, Priceline, NBC and TIME to the forefront of the markets they serve. In the non-profit arena he collaborated with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The Orange County Philharmonic Society, CASA, AASA: The School Superintendents Association and New Classrooms. Along the way, he has freelanced in video production for the likes of ABC Sports, TBS and CNN. In 2005, Scott collaborated with Partner Emeritus, Deloitte., and Chief Trust Officer, Unisys, Tom Patterson, to write Mapping Security: The Corporate Security Sourcebook for Today’s Global Economy. It was a genre-breaking success that highlighted the physical, information-based and emotional intelligence-rich approach to successful cross-border business.



Graphic Designer

Dawn is a visual storyteller and design is her language. Whether designing print, digital, brand identity, exhibits or branded environments, she expresses your story through curiosity, strategy and meaningful creative solutions to inspire and connect your audience. Manges is an award winning designer who has integrated her background in architecture with graphic design, approaching each project phase with attention to detail and a fresh, modern perspective. Her work includes AT&T, British Airways, Smithsonian Institution, Nature Research Center, Rockefeller Foundation and numerous businesses from the public and private sectors. Dawn resides in beautiful Colorado where she enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring the mountains with friends and family.





    Benjamin Rawn is a freelance software developer based in Berlin and Santa Fe. He works internationally with digital agencies and Internet firms to create interactive platforms driven by robust backend systems. With a broad range of full-stack development experience, Benjamin has consulted on major online projects for Fortune 500 companies over the last decade. He works primarily with PHP and Ruby, as well as an extensive collection of frontend and backend frameworks.



    Kristin Bortles is a fine artist by training and practice, and has explored furniture design, pattern making, mural painting and illustration to name a few of her accomplishments in the visual realm. Some of her latest projects include development of several hand-painted upholstery fabric designs, a variety of product displays for retail stores using materials such as 3Form patented acrylic, wood, marble and steel, and sculptures made of dyed duck eggs and dried carved lemon peels. To every project Bortles brings her unique sensibilities and vision to distinguish all she does from the average experience.



    "The best brand identity systems are memorable, authentic, meaningful, differentiated, sustainable, flexible, and add value. Recognition becomes immediate across culture and customs. Designers and marketers should see a product or service offering as a story, not as a list of features. "

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